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Principal's Message

        January ended up being a fairly crazy month. Winter decided to make its appearance and while I am used to -40s or -50s with the wind in January, I am not accustomed to going to those extremes when in previous weeks I was still going outside without a jacket! Please don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about basically cheating winter until well into January, it was just quite the shock to go to such a cold extreme without a bit of a "warm-up" period. January also saw teachers strike for 2 days. Teachers striking is a very rare occurrence, and since the Saskatchewan Teacher's Federation was created in 1973, this is only the second time negotiations have broken down to the point that teachers have taken strike action. We are certainly in choppy waters right now at the negotiating table, but I can tell you that the teachers at Watson School continue to work hard to provide a high-quality education for your child. I truly hope that the contract dispute can be resolved quickly and things can carry on without a cloud of uncertainty hanging over our heads.
          February brings us another year of curling playoffs! Last year our girl's team advanced to the Provincial Championships in Langham where they captured our first-ever bronze curling medal. Unfortunately, half of that bronze medal-winning team graduated, so it is impossible for them to "run it back". However, a new group of students now have the opportunity to compete, which is very exciting, and we will see how they do. I know they a group of very young curlers already went to competition on the last weekend in January, and despite their exceptionally young age captured 2nd place at the event, much to the delight of almost the entire spectating gallery.
          Final exams have wrapped up and I know most will have a big sigh of relief that they are done for the semester. Wrapping up those exams also signifies the final semester for our grade 12 students has fired up. I am sure they are excited to get their final five months underway and prepare themselves to leave the nest and head into the world free from my whistling! Haha. Hopefully, they remember that there are still five months remaining and that they all still need to earn some credits! I hope everyone has a fantastic month of February.
Jay Fitzsimmons